Another DUMB question about the crop...

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    Apr 30, 2009
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    Ok, so does a very large, semi squishy crop ALWAYS mean sour/impacted crop? I picked my roo up after feeding him a hard boiled egg *wich he LOVED* and taking pics of his comb for this thread:
    Anyhow, his crop is much larger than it normally is when he is "full". It wasn't this way earlier this afternoon, so maybe he just got real hungry?! [​IMG] He was eating fine this evening before I my discovery and seemed to be active and normal acting. I put him to bed, and will see how it is first thing in the morning. I searched and found lots of treatment advice on impacted crops, but I elected to put him to bed without any treatment tonight in case I am just over-reacting... Should I have done something tonight? Was I wrong to take the wait-and-see response? Sorry for bothering y'all with this stupid, mundane question, [​IMG] as I'm sure all the mods and experienced chook people get sick of them, but I dearly [​IMG] my boy and only want the best for him...
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    A large, squishy crop usually means a chicken who ate a whole lotta food.

    The way to tell if a bird has a crop problem is to look at them in the morning after they have digested all night. If there's no huge, squishy crop you have no problem.
  3. Glenda L Heywood

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    Apr 11, 2009
    well what did you discover was wrong with his comb?
    possibly fowl pox
    now the crop if he ate a whole boiled egg the amt would show up
    possibly he is just full of what he ate
    see what morning brings

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