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This is Milosh, my 7 week old Black Shoulder. Any guesses about gender? There are several green feathers on the back of its neck/ between shoulders (of course I couldn't get them to show up in the photos) and around the eyes.

That is not an India Blue Blackshoulder... It is an India Blue. I do not know much about sexing IB but my two IB peachicks have heavy barring on them like yours and are beginning to show green feathers, making me think they are peacocks.
BCF is right, that's an IB, not a BS!
Looks like a hen to me - she's already losing her barring.
She's cute!

For reference, here's our boy Twig at about 6 weeks - you can see how much more barring he has than your girl:
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Indian Blue is the variety. Black Shoulder peachicks start out white and don't gain color til feathers start coming in. If you can get a picture of the flight feathers it makes sexing alot easier. The secondary feathers can mess you up because I thought the same and I was wrong. The head and the flight feathers are the best ways to sex them. I have 2 Indian Blue Pied breeding pair and here's a shot of the wing feathers. Though they are still young but I intend to have these 2 a mated pair. The one on the right is the female while the one on the right is the female. See how the one on the left has orange feathers like an adult Indian Blue Peacock while the one on the right has a dark chocolate brown feathers like an adult Indian Blue Peahen. Since they are Indian Blue Pied you can sex them like an Indian Blue or like a white. Preferably when it comes to Pied Peafowl sex them like an Indian Blue. I have a website that has a section on peafowl.
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Sometimes Peahens will start out with barring and fade later down their life. Some peacocks start out with barely any barring and gain more barring later down their life. The flight feathers still remain the same through their entire life. Sometimes the peacock will look like a peahen but the flight feathers are still like an adult. Each peafowl is different. herwitsend your peachick is a peahen.

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