Another Heifer!


12 Years
Sep 4, 2007
So I lied I guess, I have calf #2 this year! My dad gave her to me, she must have gotten stepped on by one of the cows and injured her hip, one rear leg wants to fold under her and makes it difficult to stand or walk. Dad told me if I wanted to mess w/ it he'd give her to me, and if I could get her to where she could nurse he'd let me borrow the cow until she's weaned. So I took her to the vet this morning to see what the damage is, it's not broken, just badly bruised I guess, they said to keep her on the bottle (I guess they're afraid she'd get stepped on again w/ the mom) and keep her inside (the barn) in heavy bedding. Let her stand when she eats, and put her foot in the proper place (it wants to knuckle over), but no physical therapy or making her move. So I have a bottle baby again! And I'm loving it! She's already doing a ton better then last night, she's able to stand (needs help getting up) and tries to walk around. And she's got such unique markings, looks like she's wearing a black mask, anyway, here are some pics!
(this one's from last night)

(and one from today)

She's going to fit right in w/ my other heifer!
I would try to keep her on the cow, that milk is the better then the bottle stuff no matter what is said about it.

What breed?
She's a mix, her mom has some simmental and who knows what else and the dad I'm not sure, the dad may be purebred, but I don't really know, maybe beefmaster?, right now she's getting cow milk frozen from when I got my bottle calf last year. Last year's calf was raised on goat milk, but my freezer that I keep my goat milk in came unplugged and I lost it all. Haven't started milking yet this year, so I'll be out of real milk soon. If the cow was tame enough I'd be willing to work w/ the two and keep baby w/ mom, but she's not tame, and it would be a complete fight and I have no place to keep her here (confined enough to work w/ the calf), and no way to work the cow if I have to. My own cow would feed her for me (I put my last bottle baby on her when she was 6 weeks old, after selling her calf), but her current calf is only a week old and I don't want to take anything away from her, so that leaves me to be mom. Although I have considered trying to buy and graft another calf onto the mom, I'd have to go to my Dad's house to work w/ them til we got her to take it, but I don't know if I'll do it, she looks like she has plenty of milk and I hate to waste it, but I also hate to put her through the stress of fighting w/ her.
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I got a nice Jersey cow. She could raise at least 2 calfs.

Is your cow a dairy breed/mix? Some of those can raise a couple of calves. It's worth a shot.

I hate nasty tempered cows they do not last around here.
hate trying to graft calves. Had luck with it last year with my heifer. I've never seen a cow sulk before, but that is just what she did after her calf died. Got a graft calf for her and she claimed it right away. Took 2 days to teach that calf to nurse her. She raised a nice calf and I am looking forward to this years calf out of her.

I have around 8 bags of colostrum from my milk cow frozen in our freezer.

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