Another leg problem with call duckling...

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    Dec 2, 2008
    Ok after the last hatch from the call ducks (i happily sold them because i think there was something wrong with their genetics) in which the ducklings in the hatch had leg problems, i vowed never to hatch any eggs out from the calls because i couldnt deal with another messed up duckling...well i was getting the calls ready to take to wolf lake swap meet when i found a nest form one of my call hens and i candled them just in case they hadnt been laid on yet...i had full intention of just tossing them out...but after candeling them i discovered that they were at least 2 and a half weeks along and i didnt have the heart to not let them grow so i took the eggs and put them in the incubator (because i was going to sell the hen)....well they started hatching a 2 days ago and thankfully only one of the ducklings had a problem with its legs...out of the 8 eggs that i took (2 were not even growing) 5 hatched and 4 of them are lovely little calls...but now i have a problem...the one duckling with the leg problem probably wont make it...but before i give up on him i am going to see if i can do anything to help him...the ducklings leg looks like the joint (i would call it the knee on a duck) did not grow properly and so the duckling cant even bend the leg...i tried seeing if i could bend the leg but he cried as if it hurt of right now he is still in the incubator and is unable to stay off of his back...only one of his legs are deformed...the other one appears to be heathy...he is a beutiful little call duck and i really want to help there anything that you guys can think of that would help him?

    o and i will post pics when i get home (i am at school right now)

    here is a link to the other duckling that had similar leg issues
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