Another newbie question.....


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Feb 28, 2011
Chicks one week old....getting material list to build coop. I see in some pics that people put sand in their chicken run. How do you clean that? Do you scoop and replace often?


Great question..
I too am thinking of going with sand for my run...
my freinds birds pens where all on sand the bird scratch and dust them selfs stays realy clean just have rack it once in a while
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I use sand. I use one of those doggy poop scoop rakes and just rake up any mess into the scoop part and throw it in the compost! When the sand needs it I just scoop out soiled sand and put in fresh.
I wonder if it makes it a difference how rainy it is there? I want sand because it's so rainy here, but I'm worried about it getting washed away, so I'm pretty much building retaining walls around the whole run. I'm just thinking of it as another raised bed, but with chickens not veggies
I also just rake when needed, and add as I need. It does real well for me, and we get lotsa rain mostly in the spring. Here in Bama we got 2.5 inches yesterday..... I like sand for the run
I like the sand idea, but I think it would be a bit of a mess here in Portland. We have so much rain 9 months of the year, and wet sand is hard to rake droppings out of. I'm going with a deep litter on the run floor for now...seems to hold up in the rain better.

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