Another package destroyed!


11 Years
Sep 19, 2008
Went to let my chickens out and on my walk out there I find a piece of paper, and I'm thinking Oh No, this isn't good! It's an invoice/receipt for a pair of ski pants for my dd! The pants I found too, and all the stuffing he could get out them scattered around the yard! My postman knows NOT to leave any box/package outside, but this must have came by another source and they had to have left it at the front door. I only let Jack out at night, so I had a chance to get the package before he did, so it is my fault for not checking all the places a package could have been left at!!

Soo now, I'm going to at least have her try what's left of them on to make sure I've got the right size and the next order will be delivered to my office instead of Home!!

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