Another pasty butt question in a week old chick


11 Years
Jun 10, 2008
My slice of Heaven on Earth...
I have a 11 week-old chicks, 1 being a male popcorn stuffer that we kept because he had a bad case of pasty butt. It cleared up, i.e got better but today I noticed that he is looking pasty again and his butt is protruding once more. I put his little behind under lukewarm, running water and softened the dried stuff up, and as I was doing that he pooped quite a bit, I guess the" lid" was opened up and he finally could poop again. Now to my question, why does this little fellow, Elmer (due to his pasty nature) keep on getting this?
They are all being feed medicated starter, plenty of room in brooder, fresh water, and temp is a 90-95 degrees.

Elmer is the only one out of all chicks with this problem and I am beginning to wonder if it is cronic.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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