Another poop question


5 Years
Mar 25, 2014
Ok I have looked at the poop chart and read A LOT on what's normal and what's not...but I'm still a little worried. I have 6 black australorp chicks almost 4 weeks old and for the last day or two I have noticed more runny dark brown poop than the normal solid poop with a white cap. They are mostly feathered out and I'm still keeping a check for pasty butt and so far no problems. They seem fine not lethargic eating and drinking normally, aside from their normal play and establishing who's gonna be the top chick, the only problem is this really STINKY runny poop. They are on non medicated dumor starter/grower, and I put them in a mini movable coop when it's nice outside so they scratch and eat grass and bugs sometimes. I took a picture but can't figure out how to post it


In the Brooder
5 Years
Apr 4, 2014
My chicks are a little over 2 weeks old and I have eight total. I have two of my Rhode Island Reds that also have significantly different poop than my others. They seem to be totally healthy. I was told that it is normal but am new to chicken farming and have no idea.

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