Another Post About FFF (Feeding Fermented Feed)


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Nov 12, 2017
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The only risk with a mash is in hot weather when things like botulism can grow in it if it is left out all day.

Good thing to note.

Any wet feed I provide is done in a small enough quantity that they eat it all within an hour. In HOT summer weather, I push ice cubes into the feed so they melt and keep it cool. Plus I always place it in the shade.

I don't understand why people think fermenting is difficult. Once you've got it going you just feed out most of it, then add more feed and water to your container and in 24 hours it's ready to go again. There's no need for multiple batches. I don't even stir mine other than when I add feed and water each night.

Because it is an extra step or two or three (it's not "difficult"). We have a kid that "takes care of the chickens" but, as any parent knows, one must check behind the kid to make sure key tasks are done, and clean up spilled stuff that kid didn't mention or find the "hidden so they don't get into trouble" item(s)..... But, even without the kid portion of this, there are still extra steps involved that I don't deem worth it for me. I'm not against FF, but as a personal choice it doesn't rank high enough right now for me to add the extra steps. We make nearly all our bread, but we don't make sourdough bc the few times we have tried to make and maintain a sourdough starter, it has not worked out.... even though we put in the extra effort to make nearly all our bread, and most of the family really likes sourdough!

Really FF is just a personal decision on where to put time and effort, based on where it ranks in importance.


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Jul 3, 2016
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Well they act like it's a treat but it's really the same as feed.

I do feed both fermented and dry feed, but the way I handle it is providing small bowls of FF first thing in the morning (9 AM) and then putting in the dry feeder about 15 minutes later. They eat up the FF as "breakfast" and nibble on dry pellets throughout the day - minimizes food guarding and gets them nice and full in the morning.

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