Another set of coop layout questions.

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    Oct 18, 2009
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    Hello, I have recently adopted a stray hen that I found loose in my neighborhood and now have decided to make her part of the herd and get her a few companions. I'm using the space I have available in my garage to do a coop in the garage and a run attached to the garage. The dimensions of the coop in process are 3.5' deep x 5' wide x 4' tall and the run is 4' x 9'. I've read as much as I can in other posts about size suggestions, but what do you experienced chicken fans think, is this enough space for 4 chickens?

    I am also wondering where in the coop the roost(s) should be placed. I understand the issues with drafts and droppings and what not, I just can't figure out if the chickens will be able to get up to a roost say 2' (24") off the floor in a confined space like this. Do they fly up or jump up in confined areas to get where they want to be?

    I've never had any experience with chickens at all but after finding Daisey I see what fun and entertaining pets they make, she's a real sweetheart. Now I just need to work out the details and this site and all the posts have been excellent help. Thanks in advance!

    P.S. Can anyone tell whay variety of hen Daisey might be?


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    She's a cutie! She seems like a pullet (or cockerel) or possibly a bantam?? I don't have my chickens yet so I can only give you the recommended info except what I've read.

    Indoors (hen-house) should be 4 square feet per standard size chicken or 3 per bantam. The run should have 10 square feet per chicken.

    So 3.5x 5 = 17 + sq. feet so about 3 standard hens or 4 bantams would be best. You might be able to have 4 standards if the run is protected and covered and they can go outdoors in bad weather. For the run 4x9= 36 sq. feet --again 3 large or 4 bantam hens.

    You will need to quarantine this gal to be sure she has no communicable diseases and then the new ones from her.

    The roost height depends on the type of chickens. They don't have to be 2' high if the hen-house is not tall enough. You could have 18". Light chickens and bantams like the higher ones however but if they can roost at all they'll be happier.

    Lucky chicken that you found him/her!! [​IMG]
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    Quote:My coop is 4' high too and my roosts are about 24" up and they have no problems...They neither fly nor jump, they "flump"(fly+jump) as I call it![​IMG]

    Don't know what you have there but she sure is pretty! Enjoy!
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    Jun 25, 2009
    Quote:Our girls make the most racket ever getting up on the roosts. I get irritated at times when the hubby comes to bed and flops down, then tosses and turns for five minutes until he gets comfortable. But at least he doesn't squawk when he comes to bed and then beat me repeatedly about the head and body with his arms. Those poor girls. [​IMG]

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