Another Ventilation Question or Three

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    May 22, 2010
    My 8x8 coop is 85% complete, it has three screen/glass windows that are approx. 30x32, one in the front to the left of the door and 1 on each of the sides. The coop has a 5 ft pitch with a tin roof and and I screened 2 of the 4 rafter openings (approx. 4 inches x 8 inches) per side and closed the other two. It is also screened in the center from the front to back of the tin cap for additional air flow/air escape. The back wall does not have any vents other than the screened roof cap.

    My coop will house 14 chickens and sits in the shade, 45 feet inside the tree line, so full sun is not a problem, my question is, should I open/screen the other 2 openings per side or is what I have sufficient?

    Also should I put a perch on each window for the birds to be able to see out, If I do, I do not want them to sleep there as I have a couple nice roosts with a poop board.

    Pics of the coop will come when I am done...hopefully this weekend, and thank you all again.

    20 x 40 run will be started when coop is completed.
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