Another video of my chick I'm worried about


10 Years
Aug 29, 2009
I posted about Rozi (My rhode island red) previously in this link

Not alot has changed.
She eats well
She drinks well
She's growing well
And they don't really bother her much.

But she does a LOT of lying around. Completely off to one side. And she'll walk around - sometimes quite fast - and then stand still and it literally looks like she is collapsing.
Then as she goes down she leans her body all the way to one side and just chills.

She is a rhode island red and hatched on 9/8/09. I got her from a fair which got her at a hatchery. She and all of my RIRs came together in the same order.

I've been giving her vitamins as suggested and watching her carefully.

As I replayed this video I am noticing that one of her lil toes (are they called toes?) will overlap a toe from the opposite foot when she stands up. Could this be related?

Anyways - I'd love if you could watch the video and offer any advice or insight as to what is going on.

This video is kind of dark, so i didn't see where you said that she is laying to one side. To me, she just looks sleepy. However if you think she is acting differently from the others her age, then i would be concerned too. I would give her lots of tlc, watch her poop in case she came in contact with coccidia along the way between the hatchery and you, and watch the other chickens for any similar symptoms.

Hope she feels better soon!

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