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    So can i shoot the straight wormer right in thier mouths? how much ivomec is safe i have the little 3 cc syringes filled with them my friend gave me. I know 3cc per waterer but no not know what size waterer is it the gallon one?? i have safeguard for goats liquid. can i shoot some right down thier throat so i know they are wormed? i am moving them tonight to a new pen. so i could do this instead of putting 3 cc in the gallon drinker and not know they are wormed

  2. I use safe guard at 2 cc and then pull up 10 cc of water to fill a 12 cc syringe. 1 cc for full size, 1/2 cc for banty, dogs at 1 cc per 7 lbs. Repeat in 10 days. You should not have to do this but once every 8 months seems to be the general belief and is what I go by. Valbazen is another really good one that will kill every worm parasite that we know of. Mix Valbazen at 8 parts water to one part valbazen and give the dosage like for safe guard.

    Some people believe in worming with something dif. for the second hit in 10 days. Not sure that it is anymore effective, but 3 drops of ivermectin drench at the neck of the chicken will do the follow up worming plus you get the benefit that it will get any mites on skin as well.

    Which ever route you go, toss the eggs for 14 days after the last treatment.
    Hope this helps.
  3. ps. cant answer question on ivermec because I dont know what concentration or suspension you have. I like the "zoles" better though . fenbendazole has been tested at 100x the dosage and is safe. Ivermectin is safe as well, but has a more systemic effect in that it is absorbed in the blood stream. fenbendazole stays for the most part in the gut and moves through that way. The only time I use Ivermec is on the dogs once a year (I use zymectrin Gold) to make sure I get any heart worms on the off chance they picked them up. The other two times a year I use safe guard on the dogs.

    In short I hit the chickens once every 8 months with safeguard and follow with ivermec drench at 10 days.
    I hit the dogs with safe guard at months march and July and then zimectrin gold in Nov.
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    thank you very much, bookmarked. Will put 3cc of my ivomec in the gallon drinker and then repeat in 10 days

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