Another wry neck question...

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    Jul 29, 2009
    I've got a 2 yr.old silkie hen with the crooked neck and walking backwards.I brought her in cause she kept falling out of the coop door to the run floor,a 2 ft. drop,and cant get back in.We have had snow and freezing weather so i was afraid to let her stay out.She's eating and drinking on her own,i made her a new feeder and waterer thats about chest high.She hasnt had any wieght loss that i can tell.I know the meds and their dosages,i just cant get them into her.I've tried the holding her and trying to drip it on the side of her beak.Thats impossible,so i was wondering if you all had any ideas.Can i take her crumbles out and only feed her a few times a day so she will be hungry? I just dont think the trying to force it and upsetting her twice a day is good for her.Also is it possible as long as she continues to eat and drink she could live with this? Thanks for any help..

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