Anti White Leghorn Bias?


8 Years
Mar 30, 2011
I was wondering whether any of you think there is a bias against White Leghorn chickens, and if so, why it exists?

Are they seen as too plain, too commercial, too boring, or anything like that? It seems like when I view pictures of peoples' flocks, I rarely see White Leghorns, and I'm wondering why that might be?

Thanks for your help,

Is it possible that one reason is that brown eggs seem to be popular right now??
That is what I am thinking, too, but do you know, I gave some of my lovely brown eggs to a member of the church, and I asked whether his wife liked them. I was thinking almost everyone prefers brown eggs.

He said she turned up her nose at them because they were brown! I couldn't believe it and felt a bit insulted...

Would a rooster who is half White Leghorn/half Easter Egger, when mated with a Rhode Island Red or Silver-Spangled Hamburg or other brown-egg laying hen, produce chicks who would lay white eggs as hens, or would chances be good those eggs would be brown due to the Leghorn/Easter Egger mix?
I would think it would probably that since a lot of people want the idea of Dual Purpose flock chickens and with white leghorm bred to be slim and only for eggs, then they aren't worth keeping as a Dual Purpose breed, and then they are probably too plain and too commercial to be considered Ornamental breeds. So that would leave their only appeal to people to used them as prolific layers and pets.

Thanks for the feedback. What do you mean by "Dual Purpose Breed?" What would be the other purpose chickens are wanted for in addition to being good egg layers/pets? Being seen as ornamental? Or broilers? Or something else?

I have no idea about egg color from that mix. But don't feel bad! We had a little girl here tell us that she did not eat chicken eggs. She said she only ate eggs from Wal-Mart. Hahahaha! The thing is, she was serious. I think sometimes people just don't get it. My husband wanted some white leghorns, but we never got any. The people around here (mostly at church) that we give eggs to seem to prefer the brown ones so that is why I thought that may be the reason.
dual purpose = birds good for eggs and/or meat

If your roos are mutts you won't be able to tell what egg color genetics they may produce.
Dual purpose generally means good for eggs and meat. The leghorns are smaller-bodied and thus don't have as much meat as orpingtons, delawares, etc.
Dual purpose breeds can be utilized as much for food as for egg production. Leghorn cockerels/roosters are so slightly built that there is little meat on them - they do however make great friers. Also for some leghorns are regarded as too flighty. They are my absolute favorite chicken, and I think that there is no more beautiful body type than that of a leghorn cock or hen. JMO

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