Anti wrinkle eggs


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Apr 12, 2013
Exeter, devon UK
Hello everyone, I know this isn't the right area to post this but I actually didn't know what topic to place this in! So I stumbled upon something today that has completely blown me away and was wondering if anyone else has had the same results?
I have been putting raw egg whites on my face now since I was a teenager, they are an excellent skin tightener (better than that of miracle instant wrinkle remover gels) and today I used a fresh pullet egg. I use the left overs after cooking the egg, a 5 pence piece size is enough for the whole face. Guess what? ALL of my wrinkles disappeared, my skin was as soft as a babies bottom and the results last a good 6 hours +!!!!! I am SHOCKED as to how well this works with fresh pullet eggs!!!! Has anyone else tried this or experienced it? Wondering if its only pullet eggs or possibly fresh eggs in general? This was the first time I have tried this with any fresh egg (new to keeping chickens) so it may only be because it was fresh? Anyone else out there willing to try and find out??? :))))

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