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    Dec 9, 2016
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    My wife and I have a few birds in a large flock (~100 birds) that are exhibiting signs of respiratory disease. Symptoms include:

    Shut eyes,
    Foam/Pus in eyes
    swollen head
    not drinking,

    We have lost one bird so far. No local vets want to perform tests on the birds to determine the exact illness. We would like to administer antibiotics.

    Our birds are from a lot of varieties, most of which are Ameraucana, Rhode island reds, and Black Sex Links.
    there are a few of the following:
    Orpingtons, Giant Blue Cochin, Copper Maran, Dominique and Blue Andalusian.

    They are pastured birds, that have access to 12 acres, but don't wonder outside of an acre or 2. they all have differnt places they go at night. some roost up on structures, others find shelter in an out-building, some go into the "chicken tractor" they were kept in as pullets, and others roost under the barn.

    Their diet consists of a virtually unlimited supply of wet brewers grain with the addition of scratch/layer crumbles.

    They have just started reaching laying age and have started laying. One of the birds is consistently laying MASSIVE shelled double yolk eggs. We found one shell-less egg.

    Is there an antibiotic that should take care of all respiratory issues?
    Should I treat just the birds that are exhibiting symptoms or all of the birds?
    If treating all birds at once, can this be easily done in their water supply? How do I ensure they get the necessary dosage and not too much too little? Do I need to isolate them from other water sources? Do I need to keep my other livestock (goats, horses, pigs, turkey) away from the treated water?
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    It sounds like mycroplasma to me, MS or MG. Theres a few diffrent treatment options depending on which road you want to go down (injectable vs water soluble) search through the threads for mycroplasma, to decide whats best for you.

    The thing to know about mycroplasma is that it isnt curable just treatable, and by that i mean treat symptoms and prevent losses. It is something the birds will carry thier whole life.

    1st and foremost you need to seperate the ill ones and start treatment asap! I lost a whole flock to MS and MG and fast too!!!

    Another thing is that if you decide to treat and not cull (yes some people decide to cull whole flock with MG) you must have a closed flock, no birds in, none out. Its very serious to the point that you can now report it to the department of AG! And now that were talking about the department of AG, you need to contact your state vet through the department of agricultural and ask them to do the testing for you, they offer free necrosy that way you know for sure what your dealing with, but to me from what you described and my personal experience i belive this is what you are dealing with. Good Luck, my heart goes out to you!
  3. Act quickly because it is my understanding that on 01-1-2017 you will no longer be able to buy antibiotics to treat your flock without having a vet write a scrip..
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    Apr 10, 2016
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    That is true
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    Could try looking up an avian vet on may help you find someone who is willing to see her. Some clinics will treat the whole flock if you bring in 2 birds for an exam or if you lose another one perform a necropsy to determine COD then treat the survivors. Good luck!
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    Contact your state vet through the dept. of agriculture. Sacrifice 1-2 sick birds, and get a necropsy. The price varies in different states, but in a couple such as California, it can be free. Birds must be shipped or taken, and some will euthanize also. Or you can cull, and refrigerate on ice and ship. So sorry that you are dealing with this. Tylan 50 injectable is good to give individual birds orally or by injection, or you can purchase Tylan Soluble Powder online at and other stores, to treat the water. Separate sick birds and only treat those with symptoms. Give everyone probiotic plain yogurt several days a week to increase immunity. Feed at good 16-20% balanced feed. Keep sick birds warm.

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