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    Mar 21, 2017
    Hi ,

    not long ago I posted a thread about my flocks behavior ( more peckingorder ) , I assumed they pecked on a lot of them for the many changes in their original peckingorder since lots has been going on . ( roo borrowod 2 others for long period of time so no roo if you do not count the barred rock amongst the roo's ;-) plus they all moved to another area with new coop etc ) BUT ;
    After that I came to the real cause once I noticed a few sneezing and one caughing blood ... You all know what that means I guess ... so i called the vet for this ,
    many were no longer strong enough to get on treatment and I let my vet take them to cull . But a few sick ones stayed , also throwing a penny into the air , head or ?
    Now baileys is totally cured and so were two other ones but now I noticed on my buff orpington that she is back down ?
    They've had antibiotics ( a shot + pills ) and a lot of fermented feed and so on , but the symptoms before and now are lots different ( not lots but still much ) .
    symptoms before treatment : a lot of caughs , sneezes and snott flying into the air while their eggs popped out , sort of speak ...
    those caughing blood are gone .
    Now the symptoms : sneezin' on occasion , no caughs , rattly breathing , difficulties in breathing only when stressed out . Sitting still was before but now she eats and drinks perfectly fine and went back to laying as well , she used to be broody and still is ' half broody ' , (collector of eggs , me myself in chickens and other things , money for example ) , but now she has that sneeze , snotty nose and the difference between the slime before and now = before it was what we call infection/viral , looking green or brownish , anyway coloured and thick , now = slimy yes but transparant and only on occasion thicker ... this shows usually it is not viral anymore yet I doubt this actually but my buddy , the vet claims that there are 3 options :
    a. she either never cured but the symptoms are narrowed down / hidden for that time
    b. she can be sick again and this could be two options ;
    1. she got it back and has been relatively cured with less symptoms than before or
    2. she is still sick on the same and she is one of those treatment wouldn't help anymore
    last option he did say is common for time of the year and since their symptoms did vary and she is still laying (quite well + got broody ) he wants to alert me it could just be a cold , which can pass as fast as it came or with treatment ...
    Now after this entire loveletter , there is ofcourse always a question ( not the hand in marriage , I'm less romantic in this story ) :
    I do not believe in " just catching a cold on chickens " despite the fact he is the vet ofcourse , is there anyone who compares in this (yes probably ) BUT is there also anyone believing this is just '' a cold '' ( she is btw not contagious ) and did anyone already used a homeremedie to cure a chicken with respitory issues / snott ? no matter what it is ? the cost on vet are taking its toll ...
    I am willing to put one last effort in my hens ( they lived well for quite long too ) but I can't afford myself a cure anymore ...
    Please once read , if you'd be so kind to help me ' guessing ' , denying /confirming things and please do write down anything that could atleast " reduce " her issues , even if that means it will not cure her , as long as I can keep her alive I want her to be comfortable ...
    Ty and kind regards from my loveable sweet buffy the vampegglayer XoXo
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    Feb 15, 2017
    Tylan50 might help.
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    Mar 21, 2017
    hi ,

    well despite efforts to get her to eat , drink etc we made it as comfortable as possible for her , same applies for the rest , they also got it back besides 1 hen and my rooster .
    Looks like a slaughterhouse here , few went due my hand , they fell on the ground with their legs in the air and got up again but sneezed , caughed etc , so called the vet back and ' quote ' = once they get that , it is stupid in fact , it looks as if they just got a cold like we get yet they are deadly ill if so , you already gave them treatment , are you sure you want to spend that money on chickens that are going to be troubled the rest of their lives ? because once they had it , they can cure but actually will always be a risk for any other or new one here " end quote .
    I told him that if I were rich i would , but I had to cull the few that were already half dead , there was nothing in them anymore , all eggbound ( 2 still laying occasionally and with my help ) and there was the buff orpington girl , got home , never wanted to give that one up , she laid on the ground in the coop , half dead , one hen making cry noises towards me and odd how they know difference in life and death , she made effort to get her back by pecking gently on the breast ( reviving !!! ) and turned her head towards me and started ' talking ' , my buff had waited for me :( , lifted her up , she already felt cold yet did one last thing : opening her eyes as she could look at me and gasp for air while I noticed she tried to lay her head on my shoulder like she used to , so I letted her , she then let go ... she went in peace , with my arms around her and yes I cried that moment , she is the one that brought me along with a few others , the big smile with their warm characters .. She atleast did NOT die alone wherefor I'm glad plus she didn't get culled so she was brave ... ( couldn't do it ) ... I do thank for the input and p.s. : what is it that you mentioned ? just in case in the close future because I do not own a flock anymore but once all desinfected I purchase myself new ones ...and you never know , i really wanna prevent them to get sick again .
    kind regards ...

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