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12 Years
Mar 24, 2011
Ocala, Florida.
Not sure if this is an antique or not.....but I am moving soon and want to sell it. Any ideas of 1. what to call it? 2.what it might be worth?
It has 2 cupboards ...the left one has a slide out silverwear drawer and the 2 drawers in the center I would think are meant for linens. The wood inlay at the top and bottom seem to be hand carved of two seperate wood types.
The right cupboard is locked and I cant open it or pick the lock....who knows whats in there

Thankyou for your help


It's called a buffet or a sideboard. A skeleton key should open it. If you decide to sell it I would suggest you do so through a reputable auction house, preferably one with a low commision or none at all. Very pretty.

ETA: I know a very good, very reputable auctioneer, but he lives in Palm Bay; a bit too far from LeHigh Acres.
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no problem...please send me a link if possible

Sorry he doesn't have a website anymore, but you can call his business phone and see if he is currently running auctions. I will PM you with his contact information. He's the best in the business.
Yes, it's a buffett, made somewhere between 1920 and 1940. Most refer to them as "Depression Era". In our area, in the current condition, it would bring around $75.00 in the auction (Which is wholesale), and around $300.00 to $400.00 retail in our store. In a bigger city it would bring more maybe. It would also be worth more if the rest of the suite was present (Table, chairs, china hutch, possibly a server or silver stand). If that "stripe" on the front is inlay work like it looks.... the value goes up.
I would sooooo be opening that cuppord! Could be something good in there...

Now you need to open it and tell us what was in it... Go on! Hurry up!

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