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  1. bantamsohyeah

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    Aug 14, 2009
    Edgehill, Georgia
    [​IMG] I have a big problem with ANTS all over the place and they are really bad in and around my chicken yard. You can't even stand still in there. My little ones that have just hatched are having a big problem just trying to get around in there. It is beginnning to really get on my last nerve cell. It is hard to find stuff that will kill the ants and not hurt my chickens. I have put down Selvin dust, Poultry dust and it helps but just not sure on what else I can use on the ground that will not hurt any of the chickens. Please does someone know of what I can use????? Its a big problem....[​IMG] Thanks alot
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    Ants abound around here---- maybe the south is the world's ant capital. When I see them I get DE and I cover them. If ants get into the feed I put a little layer of DE over the ants. If ants are inside the run I put DE over them---and even ants making highways on the wire of the run....DE. Somehow it makes life unliveable for ants. Ants on the forage block -- dust with DE.

    For the outside of the feed bins, I spray normal bug spray---If I see anything crawling inside I dust with DE. (Diatomeceous Earth)spell?--- You can get a refillable 'shaker/sprayer' in the garden stores around here...and you can buy 15 pound sacks in garden or feed stores. Be sure that you get food grade. It won't hurt your chickens at all. (don't expose them to the airborne powder)----
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    You can try DE...supposedly it will kill the ants after they ingest it during grooming of themselves and each other.

    In my house I always place a lid full of corn meal on the countertop and pretty soon, no ants. The corn is supposed to be corrosive to their digestive tracts and cause ulcerations and resulting peritonitis..then death. They also carry it back to the nest and the larva feed on it once they hatch.
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    Jul 19, 2011
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    I've been drying lemon balm and peppermint from my garden and mixing it with the bedding in the nests and with the litter, I use straw, deep litter method, on the floor. Haven't seen any ants [​IMG] and we have had bunches here!
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    Quote:AND WE EAT THIS STUFF?????? [​IMG]
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    I have heard that ants dont like cinnamon, you could try that but if you can find their mound just pour boiling water directly on the nest, it make take two kettles but it definatley works ;o) Good luck!
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    Aug 14, 2009
    Edgehill, Georgia
    [​IMG] Thank you for the info. As for pouring boiling water over the mound. I don't have mounds of ants... I have a billion of ants ALL Over the ground. They aren't in mounds.. These ants are on the ground in the billions. I have had this problem all summer. You can't even wear flipflops around my house. It is really bad. I have sprayed all around my house, but this is getting expensive. Where can I find this Diatomacceous earth stuff????? WE live in a very small town. I doubt they will know what the heck I am asking for. He tried to give some stuff called High Yield spray and it will kill ants,, but what about my chickens.??? [​IMG]
  8. Beekissed

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    If you can't find it locally, you can always do a search and order it online. Make sure you get food grade DE for the safety of the chickens.
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    I have billions of ants as well. Mine don't make mounds either. They don't bite, but they are everywhere! I've had no luck with DE and yes I bought food grade. The ants just moved around it. I'm going to try the corn meal suggestion, as it is cheap and it won't hurt any of my animals. Thanks!
  10. ChooksinChoppers

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    Mar 24, 2011
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    Quote:When I called our local feed store asking for DE they didnt have a clue what I was talking I described its use a bit and what it was made off (fossil shells) and they said "OH! you mean fossil shell flour!" [​IMG] i don't think the gardening places have the Food grade DE Oh least I have some now.

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