Ants in feeder

Hi everyone, we have six 8 week old chickens and just made a feeder out of pvc pipe in the bottom of the run. I notice more and more ants around the outside of the pvc pipe and it seems like they probably have access to the feed inside then? Is this a big issue? Anyone have this problem and find a way to mitigate it? Here is a picture of the feeder. Thanks!!


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Al Gerhart

11 Years
Sep 29, 2011
Oklahoma City
Back in the day before pesticides things like pie safes had small containers of oil set under their legs to prevent ants from accessing the cabinet and the food. Even beds were done in this manner in tropical countries with huge ant problems. Might be possible to rig up something but it would probably require that the feeder parts that touch the ground be outside the coop or protected from litter being scratched up into the oil containers.

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