Ants in my coop. Please help!!!!


9 Years
May 7, 2010
south of Fort Worth, Texas
Quote:I agree with you aggie9296, DE does NOT work on fire ant mounds!!! One needs to use something more powerful to kill out the mound. But as anm805 stated a few posts back, it's small annoying black ants that are invading their coop. This kind of ant will be easier to deal with, I believe DE will be a good choice to try.
When the fire ants found my horses' sweet feed, they also found my nest boxes. I'd had some clumsy hens who'd broken a few eggs in their nest boxes and the fire ants were drawn to the broken eggs......they were on the hunt for a food source in my barn......rather than trying to mound up in my barn. I did use a fire ant killer on the mounds that were popping up in my yard and pasture.
The DE worked well for me in the sensitive areas where I couldn't use poison.
Good luck anm805, I think you'll find your hens will enjoy a dust bath of DE too. I have an old dresser drawer in the coop that I keep filled with DE and the girls thoroughly dust themselves. I don't have to dust my flock for mites, they do it themselves.

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