Ants in my coop. Please help!!!!



I am having a hard time finding the oils anywhere near me. I went to Lowe's today and picked up some Hot Shot Natural Ant & Roach killer. It has Lemongrass oil, water, mineral oil, wintergreen oil, isopropyl alcohol, carbon dioxide, polygycerol oleate, sodium benzoate.

Was wondering if anyone had experience with the insecticide in or around their chicken coops.

Thanks again for any help in advance.
Why don't the chickens handle them. Had a infested rotten stump in a new area of the yard, in one day the ants are gone and the stump was pecked to dust. and that was with less than a dozen chickens. If there is too many ants , you might look into a few guineas
They are 2 months old and are avoiding the ants. It's a small coop so I won't be able to have any more than 4 chickens.
Mix sugar and Borax 50-50

Kills a whole colony in a couple days..........never used it around chickens put a little bowl under the coup that the chickens can't get into will do the trick
Plus, it'll make your chickens fire resistant!


Okay I am not sure if I should laugh or what. Thought this was hilarious. lol

Thanks everyone for your help. I sprayed it while the chickens were out in the yard. Will update tomorrow!
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Plus, it'll make your chickens fire resistant!


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