Any advice on how to handle this? (eye problem)

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    I have a Jersey Giant hen that is approximately 6.5-7 mos old. When she as ~5-6 weeks old, she got pecked in the eye by another chick and her inner eye lid got torn. We took her to the vet and the torn portion was removed (no possible way to salvage the inner eye had a torn piece that just hung outside of her eye). All has been well and I have since not been able to identify her from the other JG hens. Well...until today. I noticed a bird rubbing her eye on her wing/shoulder and her eye looked irritated. Terrified that it was something contagious With all the stories on here, I rushed her in the house. (Especially since I had just heard another hen sneeze a couple times, but I am pretty sure she just inhaled a piece of dirt...she was pecking scratch off the ground in a very dusty area...we live in a desert). Anyway, when I got inside, I noticed that her inner eyelid wasn't blinking and where the inner eyelid should be was a bit irritated. Then I remember... [​IMG] It's her alright. No swelling, normal poop, no other symptoms...just rubbing her eye like the chick used to do. It's got to be her. I am sure she got some dust in her eye or something. What can I do for her? If she were a human, I'd give her some eye drops for dry eyes kind of stuff (or genteel...the lubricated eye drops that are OTC). But, being a hen I don't want to "help" her and cause some sort of reaction. What can I do for her? I know that she's gonna be prone to getting stuff in her eye with that inner eyelid gone.
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    Oh...after I wiped her face and eye with a warm wash cloth (which she hated!!!), I just wiped a little Neosporin around her eye since i figured it may help with some irritation and give some moisture. That was only thing I could think of that people have put on their chickens eye area before. She actually just sat there quietly for that (oppose to her reaction to the washcloth), so I guess it helped a little. Once I realized who she was (all 5 of my JG look alike), I put her back outside. She is now happily taking a dirt bath with her buddies. Her eye is still a little watery, but the redness is gone already.
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    If it were me I would administer a few drops of saline solution. I can't think of anything more harmless than sline. Somebody on here who knows way more than I do (that's everybody) might offer another suggestion, some sort of antibiotic lubricant, but to clear any dust I would use saline.

    There is a homeopathic eye wetting solition for pink eye. I think it has boric acid in it. I wonder if anybody knows if that would hurt a chicken. I do a lot of woodworking and am prone to wee particles in my eye. When they are especially irritating I use the over the counter homeopathic medicine... and if I only had a brain I would tell you what it's called.

    Somebody will come and help, I just know it.


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