any arrowhead hunters or metal detector enthusiasts here?

Discussion in 'Hobbies' started by osagebill88, Aug 7, 2009.

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    No we don't dig up burial mounds. [​IMG] Auburn doesn't dig them up either - they use some kind of sonar or some type equipment to see into the ground. They make digs all around it. But no, we don't go around digging up the dead [​IMG] We have access to plenty of land to arrowhead hunt. No worries at all around here about getting into troubles. Most of this we have found on our hunting land and in the river that I grew up on. Occasionally they will drain the river to work on the dam at the lake and there are loads of stuff in the river beds. Plus in ditches down dirtroads and creeks is where you will find lots of stuff.

    The cabin is nice. They took all the trees from our land and hand scraped them with machetes and manually lifted them up with other logs and chinked with real clay. We have another log cabin too, not a finished one and it is made of poplar logs. It was one my DH and I started to live in when we first got together but we ended up building the house we are in now with the plans of moving that unfinished on up here and attatching it to our house....hopefully one day we will do that [​IMG] Glad you liked it -

    I have boxes of pottery pieces. We have a cool one that has what appears to look like a horse shoe on it. Very unusual. I will have to snap a pic of it. I found several of those pieces pictured all together and it appeared to be a set of them because of the markings all sort of matching on each one. That was a real find!
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    drain the river? that would be a site to see. If you go on youtube and look for arrowhead hunting videos there is a guy named steve in Missouri that records his hunting trips and it is simply amazing what the guy finds. Must have been a metropolis there or something. I have a rock which is volcanic in nature and it is carved into the shape of a face and it looks South American. I have an obsidian point found here in my backyard and the obsidian originates from Washington....they had a monster trade network for people without the wheel or horses.

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