Any artists out there?


Nov 8, 2017
My Coop
Niche: A Genetics Survival Game. It's a small swiss indie game, costs 20 bucks
here's their website too
Wow, that looks like so much fun!
Sorry, I'm a bit late. paleoartist here!
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(bonus points if you can guess which chicken inspired the colors of this Cedarosaurus!)
Colored pencil, nice!
Buff Orpington?
Hey I've got an idea, what if I did a 'draw this in your style' challenge?? Where everyone submits a piece of art we've done and we all draw each of them for fun!
Yes please! I love doing that sort of thing. I never know what to draw without a prompt.
The bright purple and green go together so much better than I would have expected.
Purple and green work incredibly well together. Caveat, they're my 2 favorite colors, so I'm probably biased. :)

A lot of this will get covered up. This layer will end up being 2 planets in a space scene. Right now it's still too wet to mess with so I can't start figuring out positions until probably tomorrow, but right now I'm thinking top left and upper to central right sides. We'll see, might get 3 out of this.

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