Any artists out there?

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Jun 22, 2019
Pitiful confusion
I don't draw non-human or non-humanoid things very often -- save for Kirby stuff -- and I mostly do fanart for Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles and Kirby.
Something that I enjoy doing is coming up with anthropomorphized versions of Kirby characters, but I also really like doing the regular, fluffy (sometimes), original versions.
I've started to look at some The Legend of Zelda stuff again recently, so I might do some drawings over in that area.

I usually draw on basic printer paper, but sometimes sketch/doodle on large newsprint. I draw using a 0.5mm. mechanical pencil for all of the outlines and details, and then I ink it in with a few pens -- namely, my needle-tip (0.3 mm.) pen.
Shading comes next, and tiny details such as slight shadows where certain lines intersect.
I do my coloring with basic colored pencils.
To get a picture onto my device in order to save, post, or send it, I take a photo with the camera and then upload it into my device.
I do not draw on my computer -- I have not the means, and there is something about the pattern of, "sketch; erase; sketch; erase," that I enjoy.

I don't know if I'll post very much on here, but I just thought that I'd drop in and say, "hello!"
Sep 13, 2019
Huh, interesting. That's an opinion I haven't heard often. How so would you say?
Well...where should I start?
For one, it's not as horribly violent as the real movies, also my bro and I have watched both seasons, and he and I adore it!
It includes resistance spies, ace racing pilots, and a LOT of stormtroopers!
I would at least watch the season one/two trailers!

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