Any breed guesses?

May 21, 2017
Hi all!

I am wondering if anyone recognizes any of these chicken breeds. I have some speculations but I am very new to chicken keeping and definitely am relying on plenty of google searching.
They are all around 5-6 months old.

Pictures 1&2: I have no idea what the two completely solid black ones are, one is a pullet the other is a cockerel. Both have a green or purple sheen to their feathers, black legs, pea combs that are just starting to get lighter as they were a greyish pink colour as chicks.
Picture 3: black and grey pullet, pea comb still light pink.
Picture 4: Then i have a black and brown muffed chicken with a pea comb, not sure if pullet or cockerel.
Last two pictures: I believe the colourful guy lookin right at the camera is a copper maran, he has feathered feet. I also thought the hen that is mostly black with cooper around the neck was a maran, she has a very small and almost black comb, big black eyes just gorgeous.

I have a few more im curious about but this is probably an overload already! Thanks in advance for any help identifying the breeds.
Looks like you have a black copper marans, some olive eggers, and some marans mixes.

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