Any clue as to the strain/source of these courtnix quail?


6 Years
Oct 4, 2015
Last year my local feed store had some courtnix chicks for sale, so I bought some. They have turned out to be extremely prolific egg layers, and although the birds are slightly smaller than my Jumbo Browns, their eggs are larger. I have no idea what strain they are: they are white with a brown spot on the top of their heads and are a lot fiestier and more active than the Jumbo Browns. I need to replace 5 Jumbo Brown hens who have completely stopped laying. The feed store said they weren't planning to sell any quail chicks this year and didn't seem to know what I was talking about. Any thoughts on the strain/possible source so I can order some hatching eggs from them?
Probably Texas a&m or english whites. if white with head spot.

If you can post a pic or 2 for better id.
The white with a spot of brown, combined with the "larger" eggs is classic/textbook description of Texas A&M. Since those are a more "commercial" variety as well, it makes sense that a feed store would have them. I would put my money on Texas A&M.
Yup, that is them. Thanks! Any good hatching egg sources recommendations for Texas A&M? Keep in mind I keep them for eggs, not meat (except the roosters).

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