Any diy incubators that work?

I made one, just hatched a chick out with it (though I moved the eggs to my other incubator for lockdown, only because I didn't want two separate incubators on lockdown at the same time).
It's made from a Styrofoam cooler, a light socket from a Christmas decoration, and a candle warmer bulb. It took me a couple times to get it right but it finally worked!
Drawbacks are that you can fit a limited number of eggs and you have to hand turn them multiple times a day.
The most chicken eggs I could fit in mine was about 9, which may be fine if you just want to hatch a few at a time!
I started a thread, and some awesome people shared some much better designs than mine!

My DIY has no thermostat though. My temperature control was basically putting tape over holes and taking it back off!
Good luck!!
I made one that's currently in testing. get your self down your local fish market and ask one of the fishmongers for the polystyrene box the fish come in they are perfect. some pics.......

it will work perfectly if I can regulate the temperature better i'm holding a steady temp during the day but losing 3 or 4 degrees at night as the outside temp drops.

I cut the window out and just used clear plastic and some insulation tape

I did make a fan out of a pc fan but its a bit noisy

inside is just metal gauze and a light bulb

simple thermometer and hygrometer

I'm thinking I need to buy a vivarium heater with a thermostat because keeping the temp constant is difficult unless you have a room that maintains a constant temp. anyway however you do it the fishmarket is the place to start;-)
I just used a plastic storage container. Put a light atop, and a $7 water heater thermostat inside. It worked near perfectly. Just make sure you use plenty of thermometers to test.

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