Any dog trainers on here?

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    I train for service and therpy work. I would love to do search and resuce but cant find anyone to train with for it. Im going to start training for obenince titles with my one lab and maybe aglilty with the other. The group i train with is PAWD. Check us out at What do you train for?
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    Nov 14, 2010
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    oohh can I ask a question. How can I get my English Shepherd/Husky who has always been a good boy about NOT mouthing/chewing to pick stuff up. He is being trained for a mobility dog since it is such a long wait to get my mom a dog. He is doing well in his other areas but I want him to pick stuff up for her so she doesnt throw herself off balance trying to get it.

    I train for myself and help friends with problems.
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    I got into agility when I got my first rescue Terv years ago. Showed her to a novice title, then started working with my Terv puppy in conformation classes. After he finished his Ch title, we did some agility and competitive obedience classes. Never got around to showing past his Championship, as I went back to school, then moved out to the stix. There was a time when I could boast that all 4 of my dogs had gone through at least one obedience class. Some of those dogs have passed on now, and only my 2 oldest have had formal training. My two youngest have and are being trained informally by me, based on what I learned in those classes, and from my experience of being a vet tech for 20 some odd years. When you live with an entire pack, you gotta be the alpha!

    My soulmate, Priscilla NA[​IMG][​IMG]
    The pack when it was whole L-R Mica,Emma,Priscilla,Beowulf,Aspen
    Ch Zerimar's Beowulf, and Aspen (rescue)

    I should point out that only 1 of my dogs, Beowulf, was gotten intentionally, and he was a gift from my boss. The rest have all been rescues (including 2 of my Tervs).
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    Apr 14, 2009
    I've done Obedience, Agility, and Showmanship the last two years with our family's lab/cocker (currently 8.5 years old) through 4-H. It's really fun! This past summer I've been blessed with a yellow lab puppy (7 weeks when we got him [​IMG] ). He's 7 months old now and I'm hoping to, Lord-willing, start Obedience in 4-H with him next spring. Don't know whether I'll do showmanship again this year. And I may not be able to do agility until 2012 (growth/obedience), but if we ever really work on it, I think he'll be really good at it. He's quick and really agile.
  5. Brindlebtch

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    Apr 15, 2009
    You kidding? There's more dog trainers on here that some of the dog training sites I've visited.
  6. Crazyland

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    Aug 14, 2009
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    We did SchH when we lived in Germany. Here it is to expensive to train at a club, plus the distance to the closest one is to far. So we do it informally, and just tracking and OB.
    I met up with somebody local who does SAR and when I am in a position that gives me the time off I will give it a try. I just want to do it for fun with my dogs.
  7. SillyChicken

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    Jan 12, 2010
    I've done OB, SchH and personal protection with mine. But I got out of it cause my dogs got old and it just cost too much driving, club fees etc. I have one now that would be a great working dog, but I don't have the time or money to do it anymore.
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    Yes, two cds' one cdx, agility thru open, then got into the hunting test's and trials and haven't had time to pursue the ob and agility, but of course there is a ton of obedience in the hunting stuff. On that end I have mh's and three navhda vc's in the house (I have german shorthairs)
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    Quote:Including some who give REALLY EXCELLENT advice (such as Brindlebtch [​IMG]).... BYC help has been priceless in helping me get Russell, a lab pup from a shelter back in August, going so well.

    Honestly this is sort of my go-to site with dog questions, not because of convenience but because of breadth and quality of replies [​IMG]

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    To teach your pup to pick up objects and bring them to you, I would back chain. In other words, teach the behavior from last to first. So first you teach the pup to touch and pick up the object. You can do this using classic clicker or operant methods.

    I like to hold the object I want to start the dog with between my knees. I start with a regular obedience dumb bell, but you can use a dowel, or a retrieving dummy, etc. Have lots of tiny (half the size of a nickel or so) food treats cut up and ready. Place the food treats in a bowl on a table nearby. Don't hold them in your hands or on your person.

    At first, rub the object with some of the food where you want the dog to grasp it. This would mean the bar of the dumb bell, or somewhere near the middle of the dummy. Then place it between your legs. Each time the dog looks at, sniffs, or touches the object, click or mark with your voice, and reward. In the beginning you want to try to click/mark as often as possible, and keep a high rate of reinforcement so the dog will retain interest. About every 5-7 mark, toss a treat across the room for the dog to run out and get. Don't forget this step, it is important later. As the dog learns that interaction with this object is getting him a reward, you can then begin to up your criteria for rewards. Click/mark all licking, or mouthing, and work towards the dog grasping the object and holding it. Once he starts to try to hold it, put force on it, so that he has to really grip the object.

    Next work towards the dog holding the object. Ignore any and all incorrect responses, drops, etc. Keep in mind that reinforcment history builds reliability in behaviors, so keep working on putting your dog in the position of being right and earning the rewards. Once the dog is taking the holding the object, place it on the floor. Often you will have to go backwards, sometimes to the very beginning once you change the "picture" of the exercise by putting the object on the floor. Once the dog is picking up and holding from the floor, slide it across the room. Most dogs will run to get it because they have been CONDITIONED to do so by your tossing the treat across the room often.

    It is then easy to transfer this to other objects. Using these methods I have trained several dogs to carry baskets, do an AKC type retrieve, fetch my remote control or a pillow, or shoes, or socks, carry my check book, pick up dropped objects, etc.

    You can learn a lot on line by looking up clicker or operant conditioning. Also lots of great info at YouTube on Kikopup's channel.


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