Any Easter-egg hunt ideals?


9 Years
Feb 23, 2010
Thinking of offering a new ideal to my town council friends.

A small town, we've never had our own official easter egg hunt.
But now with the new park put in last year, it seems like we've
got about thirty kids that make regular use of it.

I like that. I want these children to have a safe place to play and
to look forward to coming there.

Told my wife I would like to step up and provide an easter egg hunt
for these children. That we would foot the bill, somewhere in the three-
four hundred dollar range, give or take.

These children range from from two years to teens. Amazingly they all
get along well together.

So I don't want it to be as much about a grand prize as I want it to be
just another memory that they share as our children. That the real "prize"
is in being together and enjoying the day.

But looking for input from you right now? What would be acceptable as prizes
in a mixed age group of both boy and girl? And what other ideals would go
with a egg hunt? Share your ideals, but keep it affordable?
My kids just like hunting for eggs, I've never been to one that offers a prize, it seems if you find the most eggs (with prizes inside), you already are the winner. Otherwise I would suggest gift cards to toy stores or bookstores. My children love having a gift card that has no strings attached (if they want to buy a doll even though they have 15, they can...). Also, books are also great prizes, maybe Easter books or popular books, or something signed by a local athlete.

Maybe you could get some local businesses to donate some items.
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