Any experience with thermostatically heated rubbery-plastic TSC dog bowls as chicken wateres?

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  1. Would a thermostatically heated rubbery-plastic TSC dog bowl be a decent solution for frozen water (I have 6 chickens). Is there a way to rig it up to keep them from falling in/roosting on it? Any ideas would be really helpful. The 3 gal heated waterer seems excessive for our little flock. this is about a gallon, and only $24.
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    They will work fine for chickens. I would cover the dog dish with a paver or piece of wood just leaving enough exposed for them to drink (maybe 1/4). It will also weigh it down so they can't move it around when they scratch at it. A cover will help trap the heat making the element work that much less. Place a flower pot, a sand filled milk jug or something similar on top of that so they can;t sit on top of the bowl. I can imagine that it would be a nice place to sit and warm your bum on a cold morning.
  3. Thanks. I was thinking the same thing, that they would sit on it to warm up, and make a big mess. The paver is an excellent idea. I use 2 liter pop bottles full of sand as anti roost devices, maybe 3 or 4 on top of a square paver would work. We might still get the dog bowl, but for now I made one of those cookie tin waterer warmers, for 5 bucks today. We just have to change the outside plug we are running to the coop to a GFI type, I am really scared of anything water/electric. I don't want to make fried chicken.
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    I place a milk jug full of water in the middle of mine, which creates a "moat" of water, and prevents them from getting into the bowl. I also place the heated water bowl on top of 1/2 of a pallet to keep it out of the litter so they can't scratch litter into the water. The added benefit of the milk jug is that I can then pour more water into the bowl as they drink it down, decreasing the frequency of carrying more water out to them.
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    Simply Brilliant!

    Half gallon jug?
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    Depends on the size of the water bowl. I use a gallon jug for mine. Use what ever jug fits the best.
  7. I love the jug idea. I planned to stick a pop bottle of sand (my solution for everything, haha) in it but I like this and also the paver idea way better. We went and bought the GFCI plug today, have to change that out and try the cookie tin thing, and if it is awful then we will go get the dog bowl.

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