any guesses on breed of this one


9 Years
Jun 8, 2010
here is a few pics of one of our young turkeys we have 6 blue slates an this one brown/black do you think it will feather into a black slate type.or will it look more like a choc brown type.

It looks more like a Chocolate turkey but you won't be able to tell until he is older.
I'm sorry I couldn't help anymore.
It is a rusty black. A mix of a black turkey with a single red gene. Did you get that from a hatchery or a breeder?
I would have bet a million dollars it was a breeder. SOP at its best. It is not the brown gene. With a mask that would be called chocolate. That is not what it is. It is a rusty black. Porters site talks about rusty blacks in the article on Jersery buffs. They are a mix that does not breed true. Porter also has pictures on his genetics board.

A tip to you. When he is breeding age keep him away from your slates unless you want poults that look like mud.
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my daughter only does blueslates but just loved that ones color it will just free range will not go in the breeding pens.will check out porters site thanks

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