Any Guesses on these Mixed Chickens Gender?


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I have my guesses, but wanted to know what ya'll think! These are from Eggs I hatched from 1lpoock. They are a mix of Red sexlink Roo, and 5 of them are from a white leghorn hen, the other 2 could be from a black star or a red sex link hen. They were hatched on 9-20-09.
Any Guesses on Gender?







And my little reddish colored chick...


So what do you think???
I know it is early, but at 1-2 days of age I tried to feather sex them, 4 of which I would guess as hens, 1 I thought was a roo, and was undecided on 2 of them... #6 was the one I guess as a roo, it has also feathered in MUCH slower than the rest of them... the other one I am not sure about is the reddish chick... time will tell
#6 also has a few "colored" feathers coming in on its back... the rest of the white chicks are pure white... guessing the pure white chicks came from the white eggs (white leghornX redsexlink) the 2 that are slightly colored came from the 2 brown eggs.
Still a little early but it looks like #3,4&6 look rooish. Yes the all whites would be from the leghorn eggs as white leghorns are a white color dominant breed. The two with red coming in are probably out of the red sex-link hen I would think if they were out of a black sex-link there would be black in the feathering or possibly some barring on them. As far as the feather sexing it only works on certian breeds don't know how many or which types but not all. You'd have to get some of genetic experts on here to explain it better.
I remember reading on here somewhere, but cannot find the post, something about the Rooster is the one who carries the gene for the color of the egg... I cannot believe this is true but wondering if it is, since the roo is a red sexlink and if he passes the egg color gene, would all the hens from him be brown egg layers or does that come from the momma (so if they came from a brown egg, they lay brown, if they came from a white egg they lay white)
2,3,5 and 7 look like girls but i can not see the entire tail of the others photos, if they all have long tails at this point would say they are all girls, i have noticed that at this age the girls grow their tails first and they are a bit longer than the boys
the only one with a noticeably shorter tail is #6, again this is the one I have thought roo for sure about from the beginning...
So I guess all around it looks like 1 def. roo! Would be Awesome to get 1 roo and 6 hens I know not likely but would be neat!
Yea that would be great.

I got lucky with a straight run of feathfooted chicks from Mcmurry, i got more females than males and ended up with 5 different breeds
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