Any guesses?


6 Years
Mar 27, 2013
I picked up this little guy from a poultry auction when it was really little (still had it's egg tooth).It's the sweetest thing it likes to fly up on me and perch on my shoulder or knee, Any guesses on the breed or sex? It struts around from time to time so I thought tom then I was doing some reading and heard young hens do this too... Then it started losing the fluff off of its head and started growing in some pin feathers down the back which I read is what the hens typically have...Any ideas?

Looks like a Bronze to me too. That's what we raised...let me find a pix to share...

Well heck..don't know why, but it won't let me add a pix. Go to facebook and view Chick N Stuff. We have a whole album of photos dedicated to our Bronze babies and your girl looks just like ours.

And I am pretty sure your's is a girl because she has a fairly small snood. Boys have bigger snoods, even when young.

Also, we are feeding ours 30-33% Game Bird Crumbles. Turkeys need a much higher protein than chickens. Check the dates in our album and you will see that ours are HUGE now at 4 1/2 months old.

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