Any Hatcheries or Breeders in the U.S. that have the Bovan Goldline?


9 Years
Sep 19, 2013
Northern Idaho
Looking for a hatchery or breeder that are breeding the Bovan Goldline? I have read nothing but good things about this breed. But all the breeders on line that I can find are all from Great Britain. If I can't find any I am considering breeding them myself. Any help would greatly be appreciated!
Bovan Goldlines are basically sex link chickens like the red sex link. Breeding them yourself would probably be the easiest if you can't find a breeder or hatchery that sells them. You would have to cross a Light Sussex and a Rhode Island Red to breed a Bovan Goldline.

Yes, I have done a lot of studying on them, and knew the above info, but thanks for sharing anyway. I just might breed them myself, and start a little business of my own. :)
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