Any hope for a lethargic chick?


5 Years
Apr 26, 2014
Hello everyone,

Brand new to the forum, and brand new to chickens, we just picked our 3 chicks up yesterday. We got an Ameraucana, Barred Plymouth, and Australorp (please forgive spelling errors!). Last night they all seemed happy and healthy, eating and drinking. This morning the Ameraucana is lethargic, just laying against the side of the brooder. She's pretty non-responsive to getting stepped on by the other chicks, having her beak dipped in (electrolyte) water, being held, anything. I'm so upset, I feel terrible. :(

I've spent the morning googling, and it's looking pretty bleak. But of course I'll do anything I can for her! What should my next step be?
Keep her warm and try and keep her hydrated. If she doesn't want to drink water, dribble some over her beak, just watch out for the nostrils. Good luck and fingers crossed!
Thanks, I don't think she's going to make it though. :( I just tried giving her water out of a tablespoon and at first she seemed like she liked it and then she started sputtering it back out and rolled over on her side with her neck bent at a weird angle. Cue the waterworks... Maybe this wasn't such a great idea for me to get into after all.
These things happen unfortunately, but don't let it put you off. I've raised many, many chicks and I've lost a couple, but the majority survived, in spite of my learning-on-the-go. And I did some really stupid things in the process of learning.
I had a chick similar to that. I noticed her hiney had dry poops on it. I cleaned it and for the next couple of days she stayed sleepy. I really worried that I was going to lose her. Now she is thriving and actually my smartest chick. Plus she finds it fun to demand my attention by flying up into my arms sometimes.

This worked for me but maybe not for you. Have you looked at her vent?
Quote: I had the same type of thing happen last year and she did die, unfortunately these things do happen with animals. It doesn't feel good to know you can't do anything about it but its just something that happens and it is very sad. I've had happen before I always lose one chick from every batch I get and so far I've had two batches with the chick that died had already had a name
it just the facts of farm life.
I have a brahma chick that is about 5 days old and I think it may have the opposite problem. It does not have a pasty but but it seems as though a large area around the anus is slightly matted as if either a somewhat sticky liquid or diarrhea has been there. The anus itself opens and very slightly protrude when I pick her up and she peeps. Does anyone know what this is?

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