Any idea what breed this pullet is?


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7 Years
May 29, 2012
Washington County, PA
It did not start off very chipmonky...meaning not as clearly chipmunk like as an Easter Egger does. Just sort of oddly colored and patterned from the start and has gotten more and more interesting as she's grown up.

She does look like she could be a Swedish Flower Hen and from what I've read about them, I would be even the tiniest bit sorry if I lucked into such a rare breed as part of a rainbow pack.

It's interesting to hear Cream Legbar mentioned as I have one that I assumed was an Easter Egger, but as I look at the cream legbar listing, bears a striking resemblance. Since the eggs are about the same color as an Easter Egger, I don't know how I'd really know for certain.

I have a few others I can't identify yet that I'll need to post pictures of as well, but this is the one that has really vexed me because I simply had NO idea what it might be. Out of fifteen chicks, it looks like I ended up with two black australorps, two barred rocks, an easter egger, two buckeyes (yay!), two white leghorns and then five that I cannot identify at all.

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