Any idea what is wrong with my hen?

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    May 22, 2016
    I am hoping someone can give me some ideas, as I feel I have tried everything.

    I have a hen who I thought initially had a prolapsed vent a week ago since her bum was seemed to be spasming trying to get something out, but nothing was coming. She also seemed to be walking almost bowlegged. I brought her in, gave warm bath, did witch hazel/hemorrhoid cream treatment and caged her separately inside. The next day her vent looked back to normal, but her belly was full and she still appeared to have a spasming bum and no egg for at least a few days. I then thought maybe she is egg bound. Back in the warm water Epsom salt bath, KY lube (I couldn't feel an egg in her vent at all), oyster shell and calcium glutanate and more rest. the next day I let her free range in the fenced in yard so I could keep an eye on her and she seemed normal. She continued to eat and drink water and didn't seem lethargic, although she did lay down at one point and was gulping air. I have not seen her do this since. Still no egg. So THEN I thought maybe there is an impaction somewhere. I am not sure exactly what I am feeling, but her crop always seems kind of empty even after eating. I gave her some Epsom water, which made her poop some, and some dulcolax in her food. Throughout all of these days, she was pooping out a little strand of poop but nothing like normal. On the morning of the free range day, it was bright green. This went away after a day or so and went back to normal color.

    I have now put her back out with the flock and she is happy as a clam. She is eating and drinking with the others and is not just laying around. She still has a full belly, but seems to walk a little easier, but still a little bowlegged compared to the others. There has been no egg in over a week now at least (she is a black sexlink not quite a year old). Her poop still is a small winding line like it is being compressed by something, but she is still pooping. Last night when I tucked them all in for the night, everyone had a nice full crop except this one - it was pretty much empty. she is not losing any feathers and her comb is still bright red. Her breath does not smell and her mouth is not white like a yeast infection.

    Any suggestions on what this might be or how to fix it? Hubby says no to a $70+ vet bill for a chicken. She doesn't appear to be suffering, but something is definitely wrong with her. I have researched the hell out of chicken & crop issues and nothing seems to be working that I try.

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