Any idea what this is - or if it is old enough too lay?


9 Years
Jul 16, 2010
Jeffersontown, Ky
Long story - but I got this chicken from someone my DH knows. I have no idea how old it is - or what it is. But I have never seen it around the nest boxes or seem at all interested in the nest boxes - so I figure it's too old to lay or too young - and I have no idea which... Any help you can give me is appreciated.

Looking at the nails on the left foot(short) and the waddles and comb (pinkish) I am goin to guess that it's young.

I'm sorry...I have no idea what breed.
The great thing?? Someone else will know!

I'd say "splash" for color, "pullet" for gender, and "cochin" for breed.
That's my vote... Splash Cochin Pullet

Beautiful girl whatever she is!
It's a pullet, that's a guarantee. Splash birds usually don't get their full-on "splash" color until much later, which by this point the pink comb would be much bigger and redder if it were a boy.

Also, she MAY be a cochin, but if so, she's a poor quality one. I honestly think she's a cross, telling by her back and tail as well as the fact that it looks like she's got a pea comb, not a single comb.

Don't expect her to lay for a while if that's a single comb though. If it is indeed a pea comb, she should lay any day now.
Pullet I would say Cochin cross with maybe EE. She is lacking the total cochin look but EE would explain the other half

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