Any idea what this might be?

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  1. I thought when I first saw this chick that it just had a bouffant hair do going on - but since I have managed to pick it up have found that it's head is actually that shape and the fuzz is a fairly even length over it. This is Xanthe - she is a 3 day old Araucana.
    And here she is with her siblings - none of the others are like this.
    Should I be worried at all? She does not seem to be behind in her development compared to the others - other than the shape of her head she seems "normal"!

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    She is part Klingon.
  3. Lol! Looks like she is wearing a sweatband - very 80's.
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    Does she have a Polish or silkie father?

  5. Pure Araucana - as I said it's not feathers making that "hair do" - it is the shape of her head.
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    Can you feel if she has a "skull", bone over the protrusion? How does her head feel as far as firmness compared to the others? If she is missing skull, she may eventually get pecked in the head and seriously injured or killed if she has no skull bone?
    Oddities and "birth defects" happen in chicks, too.... probably just wait and see how she does.
    Good luck.
  7. Thank you for the response - as she seems quite happy at the moment we were going to keep a close eye on her and hope that she continues to thrive.
    Not sure if it is covered by bone - I have been wary of pressing too hard - it does feel firm but not solid (not sure if this is her fuzz rather than her head I'm feeling). I did wonder if it was some sort of swelling that would go down - but as she was the 1st one of the 8 to hatch it would appear to be here to stay. Lets hope her scull grows as she does and does not restrict her brain in any way and just turns out to be an odd shaped head.
    We have no intention to breed from him/her - so if it does turn out to be a defect it will not be passed on.

    I just wondered if anyone had seen something like this before and could say "oh yes, we get one of those every now and again - it will be fine". Or the reverse of course [​IMG]

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    It looks like vaulted skull, quite common in silkies, not sure about other breeds.[​IMG]
    This little one was born with a vaulted skull.
  9. Oh yes, thank you - after looking on the net for vaulted scull it would appear Araucanas can have this condition and there is no real reason to worry about it - unless there is external damage to the head of course.
    I will still keep a close eye on him/her.

    Thanks again!

    I love this site, there is never a question you cannot get answered!!!

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    You are welcome. Glad I could help. :)

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