Any idea where to find LF English Orpington eggs or chicks?

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    May 29, 2016
    Im trying to find a breeder or someone that can tell me where to find large fowl english orpingtons. I am looking for Silver laced, lavender, or isabel. I do not want the american standard everyone is calling english. I have purchased several dozen eggs only to have them get stuck in minnesota for days and be scrambled upon arrival bc the mail took a detour due to weather once they shipped out. Ive contacted a few breeders to get no response :( I have a huge rooster with no mates and i need to justify keeping him bc as of right now hes alone because hes way too large for our standard hens. Ive been looking since last year and have been put on waiting lists and lines only to be bumped back bc someone "showed up" should i just break down and order jersey giants? I really love our rooster and wanted to breed him if im going to brood chicks just to get mates for him.
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