Any Ideas on Record Keeping?

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  1. I'm trying to keep better records on my chickens. I got out a notebook and divided it into sections to record various things in. Here is what I have so far:

    Egg Laying
    -Eggs Gathered
    -Gathered By (my whole family helps so I wanted to know this)
    -Other (who I noticed on nests and such)

    Washing and Candling
    -Eggs Washed
    -Eggs Candled

    Feed Record
    -Feed Type
    -Bought at
    -Price Paid

    Chick Record
    -Un-hatched or Died

    Eggs Sold

    Lineage and Chickens

    Any Ideas on what else I should include? What do you keep track of? Any ideas would be appreciated!
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    I think it is a neat idea. Personally, I don't have the patience to do that every day. The most I could do would be number of eggs gathered per day and how much feed/price.
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    I downloaded Steve's Chicken Tracker which is an awesome spreadsheet that allows you to keep track of all expenditures and income (egg sales, chick sales etc), and also the number of laying hens and eggs collected each day. You record on a different tab for each month and it summarizes it nicely for you on the summary tab. Bottom line, it will tell you how much you spent, how much income you generated and how much each egg cost you.

    In addition, when I am incubating, I keep track of the weights at start, 7, 14 & 18 days, along with notes about which eggs appear to be developing.

    I don't track some of that other stuff. For example, I only track how many eggs I get each day (although Steve's Chicken Tracker does allow me to separate them by color - brown, white, colored etc and I added a column for Marans) not who collected them.
  5. Yeah, I'm only putting who collected them because I want to pay my little brother for his help. Also, he might handle getting pecked by a broody hen a little better if he is getting paid for it [​IMG]. I'll try Steve's Chicken Tracker, I'm recording everything in a notebook, then transferring to spreadsheets, but it would be nice to have everything organized. Thanks for the info!
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    Hi there, I see this is a few years old, but I have an egg collection tool I created on Excel that I would like to share, but this "Attach" button is not allowing me to attach it. It says I do not have permission. I am also looking for a Brooding chart for Broody Hens to keep track of candeling dates, candeling outcomes, movement, egg colors egg numbering etc.

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