Any ideas on where I can donate...


12 Years
Sep 10, 2007
Southern Indiana
I travel a lot, therefore I have a lot of hotel-sized shampoos, conditioners, lotions, soaps and hair caps. Does anyone know of somewhere I could donate this stuff? Otherwise I'll just throw it away.
Are there any homeless shelters nearby? Maybe you could take some there.

When I have extra stuff like that I seperate it into zip lock baggies and take them to the Salvation ARMY Store
Because that is all I have near me.

BUT The last 2 summers I had extra Squash from the garden so On the stores Senior discount day I took a box full and wrote a sign that said 1 FREE Squash per Person, ANd I loved seeing the Old folks pick one out.
No one in the Store saw me and all the squash were gone in a half hour FUN.
It is fun, if we were to all sit back and realize just how fortunate we are and what we could do to help those that have less than we do, we could all see how our help really puts a smile of folks face.
our local food pantry is also a second hand store.i take all the books i read there (i read way to much)and they let me bring my extra veggies or fruit in.Its all free to whom ever wants it so thats good.i singed up for this and they sent me a seed packet of carrots to plant.So this will go plus extras to the food pantry.
You could also check to see if your local YMCA has a youth shelter. Ours is always look for hygene stuff. You could also see if one of the organizations that sends stuff to the troops could use it.
Those are all great ideas! It's a win-win. You feel good for helping, and the shelters and those in need get the things they'd rather not have to spend good money on.

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