Any ideas what breed this hen is?


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Jul 8, 2021
I bought a couple of chicks last year and had 2 silkies and one mysterious bird. The lady I got it from said it was a Silkie mix but unsure what it was mixed with. It has the feathered legs and feet, feet are yellow underneath, orange eyes and is mainly black but the feathers have a greenish tint when the sun shines on them. She also honks like a goose whenever she feels like it. The rest of my flock are small silkies and she looks huge next to them.


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How many toes does she have?

As a Silkie Mix she should have 5 toes per foot and show black skin, which she does not, obviously.

To me she rather looks like some kind of Brahma Mix.
Black brahma
She's lovely 😍


I don't know how it works in America, but many countries in Europe have recognized in the Brahma standards more colors than just light, dark and buff. Here there are light, dark and buff with the blue gene, partridge brahmas, blue, black, white, even isabel partridge and cuckoo. A lot of colors are not still recognized in many countries but do exist. So it's more usual here to see some colors that in USA might not be so common :D
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I can't get to her feet at the moment, she's a nightmare to pick up and they've just eaten all my steak and macaroni cheese that I was attempting to have for lunch so there's no interest in me until I have more food. Don't want to grab her and turn her upside down so I'll wait for someone else to come round so I can get them to count while I hold her.
Brought more macaroni out for them. She has 4 toes. I knew silkies had 5 but wasn't sure if a cross would still have 5. Her legs and feet are totally covered in feathers.


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