Any insight into Production-Orpington cross breeds?


7 Years
Mar 2, 2014
I have two hens that appear to be a mix with a RRI or production red and BO. They have red heads and yellow bodies. Four of my hens lay brown eggs and I am pretty sure that the 1 or 2 brown eggs that I am getting each day are coming from my Black and Red sex links.

Does anyone have a RRI/BO cross? How productive are they? All mine seem to do is eat all the food, pester the other hens and squawk all day.
Do you have pics of your birds?

Red/Orp crosses, from what I've seen on this board, are nice birds for laying. Not sure what's up with yours. How old are they?
turns out they were pretty good layers, and very friendly with me and my dog. However, one of them turned out to be eating the eggs and I had to give them away to someone who was willing to deal with the issue.

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