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    Feb 14, 2016
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    Hi everyone, my Serama had a clutch of nine. Two of the nine hatched one week ago. When I removed the remaining eggs to candle/dispose of, I noticed one egg was missing. I had two chicks and six eggs. I looked all over for it with no luck. I visit the coop multiple times everyday to feed and clean. Today (7 days later) I found a new chick dead. It was limp, no smell and as big as the other two chicks. I know of the various reasons a chick can die but my question is how could I have never seen this chick before today? The other two are active and eating. The mother is a pro and is wonderful with babies. Any insight is appreciated. Thanks for reading.
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    Hi, sometimes they are hard to see ! they are so tiny but a guess since you sound like you have been looking for a while is : when they hatch, they are wet and some are sticky, I have has a few get stuck to the underside of mamas wing. . sorry you lost it but 2 is good . congrats on them .

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    Feb 19, 2016
    The chick could have been hiding up under the mom's wing and you never saw it. Also, they can die from a variety of reasons. Usually it can be a deformity that caused it not to thrive. Sometimes they can get killed by other things like rats/predators, other chickens, weather, etc.

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