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    May 2, 2009
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    I need some advice. I make some wonderful lotion, but i am having trouble with it NOT emulsifying. The recipe calls for bees wax, water (infused or not), oils (with at least 1/3 or the oils being solid at room temp - I did coconut oil and some sweet almond oil), then 20 drops of essential oil. According to the recipe you melt the wax, add heated water, and then slowly add the oils while blending - the process being similar to making mayo. It is supposed to not need an emulsifying agent (like E-wax, Borax, etc), the process is supposed to be sufficient. However I am finding this is not the case.

    It creams up beautifully, but then after about 6 hours of sitting, it has seprated. So I re-blend til it is nice and creamy...and then after a while it seprates... and then we repeat. I used some while it was creamy it is was wonderful, so I would like to save this lotion and not throw it out. I also would not have to remix it every time I want to use it (I have an electric hand mixer that I would like to stop re-washing :lol ).

    I guess my question is, can I just add some Emulsifying agent and save my lotion I already made, or do I need to start over? How would I add an emulsifying agent to an already made lotion; remelt the lotion, add the agent and then blend? Which should I use for an emulsifying agent and why (for future reference and for saving my lotion)?

    I apperciate any help and advice! [​IMG]
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    Quote:First if you are using water in you formula, you need to use a preservative, unless you keep it in the fridge. But remember even in the fridge it will grow nasties.

    I measure all my ingedience by weight, I am guessing you do not have enought of one thing and too much of another. Whithout knowing your recipe it is hard to say.


    16 oz. Distilled Water
    1.2 oz. Shea Butter
    1.7 oz. Sweet Almond Oil
    1 oz. Avocado Oil
    1.2 oz. Beeswax Wax
    1 oz. Stearic Acid
    .2 oz. Phenonip
    .1 oz. Fragrance

    70-80% Distilled Water
    3-5% Stearic Acid
    3-6% Emulsifing Wax
    add the rest in your choice of oils and butters

    To this add
    .5 - 1% Preservative
    .5% Fragrance
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    May 2, 2009
    Maine, USA
    Ok, that makes sense! This is the recipe I used:

    (although I was silly and thought the ounces for the oils and water were liguid measurements - 8oz = 1c for example)

    Basic Lotion Recipe:

    9oz oil (6oz coconut oil, 3oz sweet almond oil)
    9oz water (tea infusion of calendula and rose)
    1oz beeswax (I had bought a 1 ounce bar)
    20 drops of essential oils

    *1/4 tsp boarax is optional - it will help aid in emulcification. I did not use this because I didn't have it, I have sensitive skin and didn't know how it would effect me and also because the recipe said it was optional, so I didn't think it was nessesary.

    -Heat the beeswax and oils until melted. In a seperate pot warm the water (or tea) to body temp. When both the wax &oil mix and the water are body temp slowly blend the oil into the water. The blending process will make the emulsion (just like making mayo). When bleneded and creamy, add your essential oils and blend for a moment longer. The lotion will thinken as it cools. It will last for weeks although refrigeration will exend the shelf life.

    This is arecipe I got from a "Home Crafted Natural Body Care Products" class I took in March of 2006 (the date was on the paper, my memory isn't that good!! [​IMG]) So it had been a while since I actually made this. All I could think of was I either used too much of the "solid at room temp oils (coconut)" or the additional teaspoon of vegetable glycerin I used messed with it or I just needed the borax to help.

    The problem is that is is well blened but harder, and there are droplets of water all through it. So instead of a creamy lotion I have a harder glob that will seperate further from the water as I try to stir it by hand. I have reheated it, & reblended several times now (cause I really like this lotion and it works AWESOME for my super dry skin - when it's blended.) I just didn't know for:

    1) to save this lotion, is there anything I can do? I thought of added more liquid oil (almond) to soften it, breaking down and buying borax and then try to re-melt and re-blend it; but I don't know if either scenerio would actually work

    2) for future reference - is there anything that I could have done for this to work better (now that you know the nitty-gritty of my lotion making attempt [​IMG] )

    3) I am still nervous of borax - is it irritating to sensitive skin (based on personal experience), is the E-wax a better option?
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    May 2, 2009
    Maine, USA
    No one else makes lotion or has any ideas??? [​IMG]

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