Any one else have White Bob Whites?


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Mar 10, 2008
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I have a pair of white Bob Whites that's feathers have a bit of curl to them. they are by far the friendliest quail i have, especially the female that always comes to greet me, wants me to scratch her cheeks, pet her or pick her up. I'd like to find more one day, I really love them.....
A pic would be helpful, thanks!

You most likely have a white coturnix, but I can't say until I see the pictures.

No, she's a Bob White..... and such a snuggle bum. I'm trying to get some eggs from her but she may be too old and i think the white male is breeding with the fawn/white hen....but getting some eggs.
Your White Bobs(and It Is A Snow White Bob, Not A White Coturnix Or Cross) Have Been On A Very High Protien Diet... Thus The Feather Curl (it Also Gets Worse The Closer They Are To Molting) Some Bobs Are More Prone To It Than Others.
Was the high protein given as a baby and then the feather shafts stay that way? They are on a feed Mill layer most of the year and only my Snow Whites have it and came that way, all the others are fine?.
Couldnt Tell You If Its Permanent Or Just A Temporary Reaction They Will Out Grow Once The Protein Percentage Is Dropped And They Molt Next??? Sorry. With Waterfowl Its Permanent, But I Have Limited Exposure To This In Bobs. I Only Recognize It From Past Exposures To Birds That Were Misfed By Hobbyists That I Have Seen In The Past. Hard To Say What They Have Been Fed... Mine Get A 30% Starter From Hatch To Dispatch And Out Of Thousands Raised I Have Never Seen It In Any Of Them Here. Perhaps Very High Soybean Meal? Or Maybe Even That Evil Catfood Stuff
, Lol.
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